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NDIS Miniport Driver Registration

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An NDIS miniport driver must register its Miniport Xxxinterface functions within its DriverEntryfunction. A layered miniport must additionally register its Protocol Xxxfunctions. To register its Miniport Xxxfunctions, the driver must make one of two possible NDIS registration calls, either NdisMRegisterMiniport(for non-layered miniports) or NdisIMRegisterLayeredMiniport(for layered miniports). Both of these calls export the driver's Miniport Xxxfunctions. The function that is called determines whether the intermediate driver or NDIS controls when the intermediate driver initializes as a miniport and, as a result, when the intermediate driver's virtual network adapter(s) are made available for requests from higher-level drivers.

After the driver calls the NdisMRegisterMiniportfunction, NDIS will call the driver's MiniportInitializefunction to request initialization of its virtual network adapter(s).

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