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This code sets various attributes in the smart card reader driver. For a list of all defined attributes, refer to Part 3 of the Interoperability Specification for ICCs and Personal Computer Systemsat the PC/SC Workgroup Web site.


Handle returned from a call to the smart card reader driver's XXX_Openfunction.
Specifies this code.
Contains a tag value describing the data to be set.
Set to the size of the entire TLV structure.
The attribute data.
Set to sizeof(ULONG).
Set to sizeof(ULONG).

Return Values

One of the following status values:

Status Meaning
STATUS_SUCCESS The attribute has been set successfully.
STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED The attribute is not supported.
STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER The attribute to be set is in the wrong format.

Note: Smart card reader drivers return Windows NT status values, rather than Win32 error values, as the return values from the driver's callback function.

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