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The IDsDriver::GetCapsmethod is called only when the device has been opened by DirectSound through a call to IDsDriver::Open. This method requests that the driver fill in the DSDRIVERCAPSstructure with the DirectSound capabilities of the hardware device. This includes information such as the number of hardware mixing channels, amount of on-board sound memory, and so on. This information is passed back to applications to allow them to optimize resource allocation. The DSDRIVERCAPSstructure contains information about the maximum capabilities of the sound device, and about the currently available capabilities. The maximum capabilities must remain constant; the parameters describing the free resources must be calculated each time this method is called.



Pointer to the DSDRIVERCAPSstructure that the driver should fill in and return to DirectSound.

Return Values

Returns DS_OK if successful, or DSERR_INVALIDPARAM otherwise.

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