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This section describes the EDDGPEPixelFormatToEGPEFormatconversion array.

const EGPEFormat EDDGPEPixelFormatToEGPEFormat[]
= { gpe1Bpp, gpe2Bpp, gpe4Bpp, gpe8Bpp, gpe16Bpp, gpe16Bpp,
gpe16Bpp, gpe16Bpp, gpe24Bpp, gpe32Bpp, gpe16Bpp, gpe16Bpp,
gpe16Bpp, gpe16Bpp, gpe24Bpp, gpe32Bpp, gpeUndefined };

Many of the original GPEfunctions have been left intact with the addition of DDGPE. However, DDGPEhas augmented surface support by adding a new pixel format data type. Drivers wishing to track only a single pixel format type for a particular surface or mode can use the EDDGPEPixelFormatToEGPEFormatdata type to convert a pixel format type from DDGPE-style to GPE-style.

The conversion from a DDGPEpixel format to a GPEpixel format is a lossy one. GPEcannot realize all of the information about a surface that your driver or even DDGPEcan. This loss of information may cause visually apparent problems when calling on GPEto perform certain types of emulated blits.

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