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The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Display\Active\key contains subkeys for display drivers currently in use on a Windows CE–based platform. Each subkey shares the name of the display driver that it serves. The following table describes the values contained in each subkey.

Value name Value type Description
BufferMode DWORD Controls the correlation between the display adapter's frame buffer and the frame buffer for any built-in displays on the Windows CE–based platform. BufferModemust be set to one of the following values: 0 means no common frame buffer, 1 means that the top half of the display adapter's buffer is mirrored on the built-in display, 2 means that a scaled-down version of the display adapter's frame buffer is mirrored on the built-in display, and 3 means that the built-in display is turned off while this driver is active.
Dll REG_SZ Name of the .dll file that contains the display driver.
TapMode DWORD Controls how tap or click events are managed. TapModemust be set to one of the following values: 0 =tapping not supported, 1=tap coordinates are unmodified, 2=tap coordinates are scaled to match the display driver's coordinate space, or 3=tap coordinates are undefined, but tap events are still delivered to applications, optionally with coordinates 0,0.

The following example shows the contents under the Displaykey for a sample display driver.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE [Drivers] [Display] [Active]
[GenericVGA] SZ: Dll = GENVGA.DLL DWORD: BufferMode = 0 DWORD:
TapMode = 0

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