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The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Active\key contains subkeys that the Device Manager uses for tracking active stream interface drivers. These subkeys are all two-digit integers. Do not edit these values directly. The Device Manager creates and maintains these entries for stream interface drivers registered with RegisterDevice.

The subkeys under Activeare counters of the drivers loaded by the Device Manager. The following table shows the values for these subkeys.

Subkey Type Description
Hnd REG_DWORD Specifies the device handle.
Name REG_SZ Specifies the device name, such as "PGR1:".
Key REG_SZ Registry path to the device key in \Drivers\PCMCIA.
PnpId REG_SZ Specifies a Plug and Play identifier for PC Cards.
Sckt REG_DWORD Specifies a PC Card socket and function number in a CARD_SOCKET_HANDLEstructure. This is the hSocketparameter passed to the CardRequestIRQCard Services function.

The following example shows a NewsCard pager that has entries under the Activekey.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE [Drivers] [Active] [02] SZ:
Name = PGR1: DWORD: Hnd = 0x32798 DWORD: Sckt = 0x30000 SZ: PnpId =
Motorola,_Inc.-NewsCard_Data_Receiver-E6DD SZ: Key =

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