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Deriving from DDGPESurf

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Custom DDGPE-based drivers should always use a surface object that is derived from DDGPESurf. This section outlines functions you should override, and functions you should call, in your DDGPESurf-based classes.

Functions You Should Override


If your driver supports the EDDGPEPixelFormatdata type in for surface creation, it is a simple task for you to add your own types of surfaces. If you add a custom surface type whose pixel format includes an alpha channel, you should override the HasAlphafunction.

virtual BOOL HasAlpha ( void );

Functions You Should Call


You should call the SetDriverGUIDfunction to give DDGPEa way to uniquely identify the driver that owns a particular surface. This GUID should be the same as that applied to the DDGPEobject in your DDGPE-based driver.

virtual void SetDriverGUID ( GUID guidDriverGUID

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