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This function deletes a GPEsurface associated with a DirectDraw surface, and releases any memory occupied by that surface. Normally, the destruction of the GPEsurface will also cause its associated surface video or system memory to be deallocated as well. This is often a function of the destructor in a concrete driver's derivation of the DDGPESurfclass.

You should use this function whenever you want to delete a DirectDraw surface that has a GPEsurface associated with it. If your driver frees the memory associated with that surface, the DirectDraw surface's memory, which should match the GPEsurface's memory, will be deallocated by this function.

static void DeleteSurface (


A pointer to an existing DirectDraw surface that has a DDGPESurfobject associated with it.

Return Values

The return value is S_OK if the function is successful. Otherwise an error code is returned.

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