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This section describes the DDGPEStandardHeadermacro.

#define DDGPEStandardHeader\ DWORD dwSize;\ DWORD
dwDriverSignature;\ DWORD dwVersion;\ DWORD dwReserved0;\ DWORD
dwReserved1;\ DWORD dwReserved2;\ DWORDdwReserved3

This macro is used by various DDGPEstructures to allow any possible future expansion of the structures and it also allows your driver to store custom information. See the DDGPEstructure definitions in this chapter for more information on using this macro.


This field should be set to the total size of the entire structure, including itself.


This field is reserved for your driver, and can be set to any value. It is ignored by DDGPE.


The dwVersion field indicates the version number of this data structure. This field should be set to xxx_CURRENTVERSIONdepending on which structure this macro is in.





These fields are reserved for DDGPEand should be set to zero (0) initially by your driver.

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