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This section describes each of the files that make up the DDGPEpackage.


The DDGPE.LIB file contains the code that a GPE-based driver should link to in order to extend it with DDHAL functionality. An existing GPE-based driver should link to DDGPE.LIB instead of GPE.LIB. You should place this library in a central location.


This file contains DDGPEand DDGPESurfclass definitions. These classes extend GPEand GPESurf, respectively. You should place this header file in a central location. It should not be changed.


The DDGPEUsr.h contains macros that must be defined by the driver writer. It should be moved into the driver's source code directory, and can be modified to contain whatever the driver writer wants.


This file contains several function and variable prototypes. These include DDHALfunction prototypes, global variable prototypes, and DDGPE.LIB function exports. It should be placed in a central location and should not be modified.

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