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Using the Microsoft Windows CE Mail API

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Sam Charchian
Microsoft Corporation

July 1999

Summary:The Microsoft Windows CE operating system provides developers with an API to handle the reading, manipulation, and sending of e-mail. The Windows CE Mail API is not related to the Messaging API (MAPI). However, it is somewhat similar to Simple MAPI. (4 printed pages)

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The PenPal Sample

PenPal allows users to browse their message store and view the message contents of each message. PenPal employs MFC's CSplitterWnd class to present the user with a dual-pane UI. A CTreeCtrl containing the folders and messages is on the left, and a CEdit that shows the message bodies is on the right. Users can create new mail complete with attachments. Users can also refresh the tree on the left at any time.

Figure 1. The PenPal sample application

The PenPal sample demonstrates the use of the following: