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Developing Applications for an Auto PC

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Microsoft Corporation

June 1999

Summary:Provides an overview on developing Auto PC applications. (15 printed pages). Includes a discussion on the platform for developing mobile device applications offered by Microsoft Windows CE.


Auto PC Hardware and Software
Development Tools Required for Developing Auto PC Applications
User Interface Design
Required Tasks for All Auto PC Applications
Using Optional Features
Preparing an Application for Distribution
Obtaining the Windows CE Platform SDK, Auto PC Edition
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The Auto PC is a complete information, productivity, and entertainment system for an automobile. A speech interface makes it easy to control this powerful in-dash device. Simple voice commands let users organize phone numbers and addresses, automatically dial a cellular phone, prompt an Auto PC for driving directions, and control the high-end digital audio system.

Microsoft Windows CE for the Auto PC offers an exciting new platform that allows a software developer to create compelling new mobile device applications while capitalizing on the developer's knowledge of Windows-based APIs and tools.

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