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Msicuu Log File

Msicuu records the installations that a user deletes in a log file, Msicu.log. It creates a log for each user who runs Msicuu and stores the log in the user profile. The log is cumulative, and is updated each time Msicuu runs.

The Msicuu log file, Msicu.log, is located in the SystemDrive\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp directory. Because the Local Settings directory is hidden by default, to view the file, you must set your Windows Explorer folder options to show hidden files and folders.

The Msicuu log is not updated when you run Msizap.

Msicuu and Msizap

Msicuu uses the same programmatic functions as Msizap, and it runs Msizap (with the T parameter) to delete installation data. (You can see the Msizap command window briefly when you click Remove.)

Unlike Msizap, Msicuu does not remove rollback data or the InProgress registry subkey, and it does not change permissions to Windows Installer objects. Also, Msicuu removes user-specific installation data only from the profile of the current user. Installation data stored in other user profiles remains in the system.

Msicuu Products List

Msicuu displays a list of products that Windows Installer installed on the system. It compiles this list by calling Windows Installer functions that search the registry. Products that do not appear in this list cannot be removed by Msicuu or Msizap.

Products that are installed on the system, but that do not appear in the list, might have been installed by other technologies, such as those used before the advent of Windows Installer. You must use other methods to remove these installations.