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Movetree.exe: Active Directory Object Manager

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This command-line tool allows administrators to move Active Directory objects such as organizational units and users between domains in a single forest. These types of operations are performed to support domain consolidation or organizational restructuring operations.

MoveTree allows an organizational unit to be moved with all of the linked Group Policy objects in the old domain intact. The Group Policy object link is moved and continues to work, and clients receive their Group Policy settings from the Group Policy objects located in the old domain.

Corresponding UI

To move users or groups within a Windows XP Professional domain (for example, from one organizational unit to another), use Active Directory Users and Computers, a Microsoft Management Console snap-in that is part of the Windows XP Professional operating system.



For more information on Active Directory, see Using Active Directory in Help and Support Center.

System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for MoveTree:

Files required