Data type Range Default value
REG_DWORD 0x0 | 0x1 - 0x418937 seconds 0xE10 (1 hour)


Determines how often the Net Logon service re-registers DNS names. Repeat registration helps to ensure that DNS names are not lost. This is particularly important to DNS names that are registered dynamically.

The value of this entry also determines how often Net Logon updates the dynamic site coverage list for participating domain controllers. (See AutoSiteCoverage.

After a successful registration, Net Logon re-registers the DNS name after five minutes have passed. The interval between each subsequent registration is doubled until the interval reaches the value of DnsRefreshInterval. Thereafter, Net Logon re-registers DNS names when the value of DnsRefreshInterval expires.

Value Meaning
0x0 Net Logon does not re-register DNS names.
0x1 - 0x418937 seconds Specifies the maximum time between repeated registration of DNS names.

Note Image Note

Windows 2000 does not add this entry to the registry. You can add it by editing the registry or by using a program that edits the registry.

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