HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop

Data type Range Default value
REG_BINARY 0x0 - 0xFFFFFFFF (bitmask) 0x80003E9E


This entry represents a mask of bits that correspond to various UI settings.

Bit UI Setting Default Value Meaning
0 Active window tracking 0 Active window tracking disabled.
1 Menu animation 1 Menu animation enabled; menu effect depends on value of bit 9.
2 Combo box animation 1 Slide-open effect for combo boxes enabled.
3 List box smooth scrolling 1 Smooth-scrolling effect for list boxes enabled.
4 Gradient captions 1 Gradient effect for window title bars enabled.
5 Keyboard cues 0 Menu access key letters underlined only when the menu is activated from the keyboard.
6 Active window tracking Z order 0 Windows activated through active window tracking are not brought to the top.
7 Hot tracking 1 Hot tracking enabled.
8 Reserved 0 This bit reserved for future use.
9 Menu fade 1 Menu fade animation enabled. If menu fade animation is disabled, menus use slide animation. This bit is ignored if menu animation (bit 1) is disabled.
10 Selection fade 1 Selection fade enabled; the selected menu will remain on the screen briefly and then fade out after the user makes a selection.
11 Tool tip animation 1 Tool tip animation enabled; effect depends on value of bit 12.
12 Tool tip fade 1 Tool tip fade animation enabled. If tool tip fade animation is disabled, tool tips use slide animation. This bit is ignored if tool tip animation (bit 11) is disabled.
13 Cursor shadow 1 Cursor shadow is enabled. This effect only appears if the system has a color depth of more than 256 colors.
14-30 Reserved 0 These bits reserved for future use.
31 UI effects 1 All UI effects (Combo box animation, Cursor shadow, gradient captions, hot tracking, list box smooth scrolling, menu animation, menu underlines, selection fade, tool tip animation) are enabled.