HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts

Data type Range Default value
REG_SZ Font Name Font file name


Associates a font with the name of the file in which the font is stored.

There is an entry in the Fonts subkey for each font installed in Windows. These entries have the following format:

Font Name   REG_SZ   Font file name

For example,

Arial (TrueType)   REG_SZ   ARIAL.TTF

indicates that the Arial (TrueType) font is located in the Arial.ttf file. The font files are located in Systemroot\WINNT\Fonts.

Note Image Note

The <font-name> entry is a variable representing the entries under the Fonts subkey. It does not actually appear in the registry. This variable entry displays information which is common to the entries in the Fonts subkey.