HKCU\Control Panel\Mouse

Data type Range Default value
REG_SZ Pixels in decimal 6


Specifies a mouse speed that triggers accelerated cursor movement. If, within the interval between mouse interrupts, the mouse moves by more than the number of pixels specified in the value of this entry, the system can accelerate the cursor. When accelerated, the cursor moves more than one pixel for each one pixel movement of the mouse.

The amount of acceleration depends on the value of MouseSpeed. If the value of MouseSpeed is 1 or 2, cursor speed is doubled when the mouse speed reaches MouseThreshold1. If the value of MouseSpeed is 2, cursor speed is quadrupled when the mouse speed reaches MouseThreshold2.


Change method

To change the value of this entry, double-click Mouse in Control Panel. Click the Motion tab and use the Acceleration option buttons. The Acceleration setting determines the following registry values:

None  Low  Medium  High 
MouseSpeed 0 1 2 2
MouseThreshold1  0 7 4 4
MouseThreshold2 0 0 12 6

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