HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop

Data type Range Default value
REG_SZ 0 | 1 - 4294967295 (decimal only) 3


Specifies the number of lines scrolled for each one-notch rotation of the mouse wheel on a Microsoft IntelliMouse when no modifier keys (such as CTRL or SHIFT) are pressed.

Value Meaning
0 The screen does not scroll when the mouse wheel is rotated.
1 - 4294967295 Specifies the number of lines scrolled each time the mouse wheel is rotated by one notch. If the value of this entry is greater than the number of lines visible in the window, the screen scrolls up or down by one page.

Change method

Applications should use the SPI_SETWHEELSCROLLLINES or SPI_GETWHEELSCROLLLINES APIs to change the value of this entry. For more information, see "SystemParametersInfo" the Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) documentation in the MSDN Library at http://msdn.microsoft.com.

Activation method

You must log off of Windows 2000 and then log on again before a change to this entry takes effect.