The Services subkeys contain entries for standard and optional Windows 2000 services, such as device drivers, file system drivers, and Win32 service drivers. Although the values of the entries differ for each service, most Services subkeys have the same subkeys and entries.

Each Services subkey bears the name of the service that uses it. Often, this is also the name of the file from which the service is loaded.

Some of the services and devices represented by subkeys in the Services subkey are installed on the computer, but some of the subkeys represent services that are not installed or not enabled. To determine which services are installed on the computer, click Services in Computer Management. To determine which devices are installed on the computer, use Device Manager.

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Adding a subkey to the Services subkey does not install a service. Windows 2000 does not recognize a service unless it is properly installed by using the standard installation methods, such as the CreateService API, or the SC CREATE command.