Data type Range Default value
REG_SZ DLL filenames comm.drv commdlg.dll ctl3dv2.dll ddeml.dll keyboard.drv lanman.drv mapi.dll mmsystem.dll mouse.drv netapi.dll olecli.dll olesvr.dll pmspl.dll shell.dll sound.drv system.drv toolhelp.dll vga.drv wfwnet.drv win87em.dll winoldap.mod winsock.dll winspool.exe wowdeb.exe timer.drv rasapi16.dll compobj.dll storage.dll ole2.dll ole2disp.dll ole2nls.dll typelib.dll msvideo.dll avifile.dll msacm.dll mciavi.drv mciseq.drv mciwave.drv progman.exe avicap.dll


Stores a list of dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) that can be used by both 16-bit Windows applications and by 32-bit Windows applications. When a 16-bit Windows application requests a DLL that appears on this list, the system loads the DLL from the System32 directory, rather than using the application's version of the DLL.

User.dll, Gdi.dll, and System.drv are not included in this list because they are required Windows 2000 system files and their location cannot be changed.

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To replace or upgrade a DLL, delete the DLL name from this list. This causes the system to search system directories for the new DLL.

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