Data type Range Default value
REG_EXPAND_SZ Path [option [option]] %SystemRoot%\system32\ntvdm.exe


Specifies the command run when an MS-DOS-based application starts. The command includes the name and location of the program that creates a Windows 2000 virtual DOS machine (NTVDM) for MS-DOS programs. Programs designed for MS-DOS run on Windows 2000 in a process that this program creates.

The following options can also be included:

Value Meaning
-a Specifies a command to pass to the NTVDM.
-f Specifies the directory for Ntvdm.exe.
-m Hides the NTVDM console window.
-w Specifies the NTVDM for 16-bit Windows applications.

Activation method

Changes to this entry are effective immediately and remain in effect until the MS-DOS-based application is closed.

Tip Image Tip

You can create multiple copies of Ntvdm.exe with different names and run a different MS-DOS-based program in each copy. Because each MS-DOS–based program runs in a process with a different name, it is much easier to identify the program when monitoring its process. If you change the name of Ntvdm.exe, you must also change the value of this entry to identify the new NTVDM program.

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