Data type Range Default value
REG_SZ (Blank) | 0x1 - 0x11 There is no default value for this entry.


Represents a locale supported by the system.

The <locale> entries represent the locales supported by the system. Those entries which have a blank value are supported by the system but not installed. Those entries with a value are installed, and the value of the entry indicates the language group of the locale.

Value Meaning
(Blank)  The locale is supported by the system but not installed. 
0x1 Western Europe
0x2 Central Europe
0x3 Baltic
0x4 Greek
0x5 Cyrillic
0x6 Turkish
0x7 Japanese
0x8 Korean
0x9 Traditional Chinese
0xA Simplified Chinese
0xB Thai
0xC Hebrew
0xD Arabic
0xE Vietnamese
0xF Indic
0x10 Georgian
0x11 Armenian

Note Image Note

The <locale> entry is a variable representing the entries under the Locale subkey. It does not actually appear in the registry. This variable entry displays information which is common to the entries in the Locale subkey.