HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout\


The DosKeybIDs subkey contains entries that associate Windows 2000 keyboard layouts with special three-digit codes. These codes help to distinguish among layouts when there is more than one layout for a locale. The system uses this information when loading a keyboard layout for virtual DOS machine (VDM) windows.

The entries in the DosKeybIDs subkey are named by 8-digit hexadecimal Windows keyboard layout codes. The first four digits of the codes indicate whether the keyboard layout or Input Method Editor is the default layout for the language (as indicated by all zeros) or a variation of the default (other than zeros). The last four digits are the standard locale ID. For example, the 00010415 entry represents variation 0x0001 of language 0x0415 (Polish.)

Entries in the DosKeybIDs subkey have the following format:

Windows 2000 layout code number    REG_SZ    Three-digit MS-DOS keyboard layout ID

For example,

00010415    REG_SZ    214

associates Windows 2000 keyboard layout 0x00010415 with MS-DOS keyboard layout ID 214.