Data type Range Default value
REG_DWORD 0 | 1 1


Determines whether NTFS and FAT generate 8.3-format file names for new files.

Setting Win95Truncated Extensions to 1 does not change any existing file name extensions, nor does it change the way these extensions are displayed or managed by Find, File Manager, or Windows Explorer. However, it causes NTFS and FAT to generate short names for new files, and to truncate the third character of file name extensions.

The following table provides shows how filename.html would be truncated.

Value Short name generated
0 filena~1.htm

The following table provides an example of how this entry changes the file system's response to commands entered in a command prompt window.

Value Command: del *.htm Command: del *.html
0 Only files whose extension is .htm are deleted. Only files whose extension is .html are deleted.
1 Files whose extensions begin with .htm are deleted, including *.htm and *.html but not *.ht~. Only files whose extension is .html are deleted.