The BootVerificationProgram subkey stores data about custom startup verification programs. Startup verification programs specify the criteria for a successful startup and notify the system that the startup is successful, two functions otherwise performed by Winlogon. You can write a custom startup verification program and use this subkey to direct the Windows 2000 service controller to run it.

Some custom startup verification programs notify the system that startup was not successful, causing the system to restart using the LastKnownGood control set. Others determine whether their criteria were satisfied and, if they were, run Bootok.exe, a program that notifies the system that startup was successful. Bootok.exe is included in Windows 2000.

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To run a custom startup verification program, you must disable the standard startup verification functions in Winlogon by setting the value of the ReportBootOk entry to 0.

You cannot run a custom startup verification program if you are also running the Bootvrfy startup verification program.

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Do not add or change the value of the entries in the BootVerificationProgram subkey unless you need to run a custom verification program.

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