Granting the Domino archiving user access to mail files

The Domino archiving user account needs permissions to all the mail files to be archived. We recommend that you provide Manager access to the mail files. The minimum permissions that are required depend on which version of Notes is installed on the Enterprise Vault server on which the archiving task runs.

The minimum permissions required to mail files are as follows:


If you intend not to archive unread items then the Domino archiving user requires Manager access to the mail files. This is because Domino requires Manager access in order to determine which items are unread.

If Domino administrators have Manager access to all mail files, then you can use the Manage ACL tool in the Domino Administrator client to add the Domino archiving user to all mail databases.

Repeat the following steps for each target Domino mail server.

To add the Domino archiving user to all mail databases

  1. In the Domino Administrator client, navigate to the Domino mail server and click the Files tab.

  2. In the tasks pane, click the Mail folder to display a list of all the mail databases in the results pane.

  3. Select the first mail database, and then press Shift+End to select all the mail databases.

  4. Right-click and select Access Control > Manage.

  5. Click Add and then click the person icon to select the Domino archiving user from the Domino directory list. Click OK.

  6. When the user is in the Access Control List dialog box, change the set User Type to Person and Access to Manager.

  7. Select Delete documents.

  8. Click OK to add the user to the ACL of all mail databases selected.

If no user has Manager access to every mail database, then do the following: