About upgrading the FSA Agent on NTFS file servers

We recommend that you upgrade the version of the FSA Agent on your NTFS file servers. Support is provided for backward compatibility, but new features may not be available until the FSA Agent version is aligned with the Enterprise Vault server version.


If you use FSA Reporting, you must upgrade the FSA Agent on your NTFS file servers, otherwise FSA Reporting scans do not proceed.

For details of the compatible versions of the Enterprise Vault server and the FSA Agent, see the following documents:

You can upgrade the FSA Agent by using the Install FSA Agent wizard, or manually.

To use the Install FSA Agent wizard on Windows Server 2008, you must temporarily turn off the Windows Firewall on the file server. Otherwise, the wizard fails with the message "Error: The RPC server is unavailable". If you prefer not to do this, install the FSA Agent manually.

Some additional steps are required if the FSA Agent services are clustered for high availability.