Enabling device-level sharing for EMC Centera partitions

In Enterprise Vault 2007, if Share archived items is selected in the properties of a Centera partition, an upgrade to the Enterprise Vault 8.0 original release erroneously turns off the device-level sharing.

This error does not occur on upgrade to any version of Enterprise Vault 8.0 other than the Enterprise Vault 8.0 original release.


On upgrade from Enterprise Vault 2007 to Enterprise Vault, the Share archived items setting is renamed Enable device-level sharing.

If necessary, re-enable device-level sharing for the Centera partitions.

To enable device-level sharing for a Centera partition

  1. In the Administration Console, double-click the Centera partition to display its properties.

  2. On the General tab of the partition properties, select Enable device-level sharing.

  3. Click OK.