Setting the cache location for each Enterprise Vault server

Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4 uses a server cache on each Enterprise Vault server, as follows:

There is now a minimum size of 10 GB for the server Cache location and the default size is 20 GB.

You must set a server cache location for each Enterprise Vault server if you intend to use Vault Cache or if you use a Celerra device with Enterprise Vault.

The Vault Service account must have read and write access to the location you select.

Because anti-virus software can potentially change data in the cache, it is important to exclude the cache location in your virus checking application.

To set a cache location

  1. Start the Administration Console and expand the Enterprise Vault Servers container.

  2. Do the following for each Enterprise Vault server:

    • Right-click the Enterprise Vault server and, on the shortcut menu, click Properties.

    • Click the Cache tab.

    • Specify the Cache location that you want to use.

    • Specify the Maximum cache size.

    • Click OK.

Note that the changes you make on a server do not take effect until the next restart of the Admin service on that server.