Overview of the upgrading process

This chapter describes how to upgrade your Enterprise Vault servers (that is, all servers that run the Enterprise Vault Directory service). If you are upgrading an Enterprise Vault 2007 system that supports Domino mailbox archiving, this includes any Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway servers.

This chapter also describes how to upgrade computers on which Enterprise Vault Reporting is installed.


The actions that the Enterprise Vault installation program and Configuration wizard perform depend on whether you are upgrading from an Enterprise Vault 2007 environment or from an Enterprise Vault 8.0 environment. For simplicity, the upgrade instructions do not distinguish between these two environments unless necessary.

In summary, the upgrade procedure is as follows:

  1. Prepare:

    • Back up the system.

    • Run the Deployment Scanner.

    • Set the database permissions.

    • Allow the MSMQ queues to empty.

    • Check the archiving and expiry schedules.

  2. Install and configure the Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4 server software as described in the appropriate chapter for your installation.

  3. Perform post-installation tasks as necessary:

    • Upgrade Exchange Server forms.

    • Upgrade Domino mailbox archiving.

    • Perform the post-configuration tasks.

    • Upgrade the FSA Agent of NTFS file servers.

    • Upgrade OWA and RPC extensions.

    • Upgrade SharePoint Server components.

More Information

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