Reviewing Exchange desktop policy settings after upgrade

Enterprise Vault changes the following Exchange mailbox policy Offline Vault Advanced settings when it transfers them to the Exchange desktop policy on upgrade. We recommend that you review the settings in your desktop policies after upgrade.

Show options

This setting is transferred to the following two settings on the desktop policy Vault Cache tab in the Administration Console:

  • Vault Cache properties. This setting controls whether the Tools > Enterprise Vault > Vault Cache properties menu option is available in Outlook.

  • Vault Cache options. This setting controls whether the Options tab is available in the Vault Cache Properties dialog box.

If Show options was set to show the Tools > Enterprise Vault > Offline Vault Options menu option, then the Vault Cache properties and Vault Cache options settings are selected. Otherwise, these two settings are not selected.

Synchronize archive types

If this setting was set to All public folder archives, Enterprise Vault makes the following changes on upgrade:

The desktop policy Vault Cache Advanced setting Synchronize archive types is set to Default mailbox. This setting means that the Vault Cache synchronizes only the primary mailbox.

On the desktop policy's Vault Cache tab, the setting Make Vault Cache available for users is not selected.

Note that the default values have changed for some of the other settings that are moved to the desktop policy. You may want to note these changes if you create new desktop policies. These changes do not affect the migrated values in your upgraded policies.

Table: Changed Exchange desktop policy settings

Enterprise Vault 2007 Exchange mailbox policy "Advanced" tab setting

Enterprise Vault 2007 default value

Location in Enterprise Vault 8.0 Exchange desktop policy

Enterprise Vault 8.0 default value

Offline Vault settings

Offline archives enabled state

Users enable

Make Vault Cache available for users on the Vault Cache tab

None. (Turns off Vault Cache, but does not affect Vault Caches that are already enabled.)

Outlook settings

Allow script in public folders

Keep user's setting

Advanced tab

Force On

Allow script in shared folders

Keep user's setting

Advanced tab

Force On

Deploy forms locally

When no org forms

Advanced tab


Fix Outlook preview pane

Do not apply

Advanced tab

Apply automatically

Outlook Add-In behavior


Advanced tab

HTTP-only Outlook Add-In

For more information about the Advanced tab settings, see the Administrator's Guide.