Reviewing Exchange mailbox policy settings after upgrade

The following Exchange mailbox policy Advanced settings have changed in Enterprise Vault 8.0. The upgrade may automatically change existing values you have for these settings.

We recommend that you review these settings in your upgraded mailbox policies.

Archive Exchange Managed Folders

This setting now has the following possible values:

  • Off: Enterprise Vault does not archive items from managed folders.

  • Normal: Enterprise Vault treats managed folders as normal mailbox folders.

  • Managed: Default value. Enterprise Vault archives items from managed folders and uses retention settings that are synchronized from Exchange Server.

The value of this setting is treated as follows when you upgrade:

  • If the value was Off, it remains Off.

  • If the value was On, it is converted to Normal. (Enterprise Vault treats managed folders as normal mailbox folders.)

For information about assigning permission for managed folder synchronization in Exchange Server 2007, see Installing and Configuring. For information about archiving from managed folders, see the Administrator's Guide.

Strip calendar attachments

This setting is renamed to Strip attachments to non-shortcut items when you upgrade.

The setting controls whether attachments are removed from calendar items, meeting requests, and contacts after archiving. If Enterprise Vault removes an attachment, it now replaces it with a link to the attachment. The default has changed from Off to On.

The value of the setting is not changed when you upgrade.

If you have upgraded policies in which this setting is Off, we recommend that you change the setting to On to save mailbox space. This recommendation applies particularly if you use archiving based on quota, or on age and quota.


Turning on Strip attachments to non-shortcut items does not make Enterprise Vault remove attachments from non-shortcut items that are already archived.