Network shares for NTFS partitions with local paths

When the Storage service starts on completion of the upgrade, it creates network shares for any partitions of type "NTFS Volume" if they are specified with a local path, such as a path that begins C:\.. or H:\.... The Storage services on remote Enterprise Vault servers use the partition network share when they require access to data on the partition.

See "Partition network shares for NTFS partitions with local paths" in the Installing and Configuring manual.

If the Storage service is unable to create a partition network share, the Storage service does not start. Enterprise Vault logs event 7064 in the event log with the following description:

The verification of a Partition Network Share failed.

The most likely cause is that Enterprise Vault cannot access the root path of the partition. This may be due to any of the following:

If the Storage service fails to start after the upgrade, check the event log for this error event. If you see the error event, use Windows Explorer to check whether you can access the local paths to the local NTFS partitions.