The upgrade disables sharing

Enterprise Vault 8.0 uses a new optimized single instance storage model.

See "Optimized single instance storage" in the ReadMeFirst.

On upgrade, Enterprise Vault makes the following changes in each Enterprise Vault site:


If a partition was configured to share archived items before the upgrade, it no longer does so after the upgrade until you change the vault store's sharing level from "No sharing".


Enterprise Vault does not employ optimized single instance storage when items are stored to partitions that are hosted on EMC Centera devices. Enterprise Vault 8.0 continues to provide a separate device-level sharing option to take advantage of the sharing capabilities of Centera.

Before you configure sharing with optimized single instance storage, it is important to consider what sort of sharing regime is suitable for your organization. For example:

There are limits to what you can change after you have configured sharing. Changes to vault store sharing levels do not act retrospectively. Also, you can only move a vault store into a different vault store group if both of the following apply:

For information on how to set up a suitable sharing regime, see the "Setting up storage" chapter in Installing and Configuring.