SYSVOL is Not a Junction Point

Ultrasound has detected that the SYSVOL file share is not a junction point.


To correct this problem, perform the following procedure.

  1. Use the Resource Kit tool Linkd.exe to recreate the SYSVOL junction point. For more information about creating junction points, see article 205524, "How to Create and Manipulate NTFS Junction Points" at
  2. Restart FRS.

If this procedure does not fix the issue, contact Microsoft Product Support Services to discuss other methods of restoring the junction point. One possible procedure is a nonauthoritative restore, which will fix the junction point but will require the entire replica tree to be replicated to this server. You can prestage the data to avoid replicating data across the network.

For more information about SYSVOL junction points, see article 324175, "Best Practices for SYSVOL Maintenance" at