Sonar Menus

The following sections describe the menus in Sonar.

File menu

The File menu provides a way to create a new query, open an existing query, or save the current query. Queries are stored as XML files with the file type .SNR.

The File menu also provides a way to log output to a Comma Separated File, so that it may be analyzed by another tool.

Options menu

The Options menu allows definition of servers in the query, filters on which rows to display, and definition of column sets. These definitions form part of the query saved in the .SNR files.

The Options menu also allows selected rows to be either copied to the clipboard (for pasting into applications such as Word, Excel, or Notepad), or for the selected rows to be refreshed.

Select Servers submenu

The Select Servers submenu provides a way to define which members of the replica set will be queried for status.

The left-hand column lists servers in the replica set which could be added to the query. This may show candidates either (a) from the list of all members of the replica set, or (b) just members of the replica set with a greater than average number of connections – these are considered to be hubs.

The right-hand column lists the members of the replica set that are part of the current query.

This ability to select servers is useful for limiting network bandwidth usage on a WAN by excluding computers that are connected by low-bandwidth links.