IOLogSum Syntax

IOLogSum uses the following syntax:

One Stepiologsum [-sort=Option] DataFile


Specifies a sort order for the IOLogSum report. The following table lists are valid values for Option:
Option Description
seqnum Sorts output by sequence number. This is the default sort order.
version Sorts output by file version number.
filename Sorts output by file name.
size Sorts output by file size.
fileguid Sorts output by file GUID.
origguid Sorts output by originator GUID.
cxtion Sorts output by cxtion name/GUID.
eventtime Sorts output by event time.
Specifies a file that was created by running NtfrsUtl with the inlog, outlog or idtable parameters. This is a required parameter.


Sample Usage

iologsum ntfrs_inlog.txt > in.txt
iologsum –sort=fileguid ntfrs_outlog.txt > out.txt