Granting Database Access to Multiple Administrators

Members of the Administrators group on the server where SQL or MSDE is installed implicitly have read-write access to the database. If other users need to access the database, the database administrator can run the script USDBAccess.vbs, available in the Program Files\FRS Monitoring directory after you perform a complete installation or a console-only installation, to give read-only access or read-write access to individual users or to groups of users. Those users can then install the console on their local computers and access the database on a remote server. For more information about tasks that users can and cannot perform when they have read-only access, see Monitoring Ultrasound in Read-Only Mode.


The following sections describe the USDBAccess.vbs syntax and parameters.


cscript.exe USDBAccess.vbs dbserver dbname account [add | remove] [ro | rw]



Specifies the name of the database server instance. For example, in "sqlsrv1\frsmon," "frsmon" is the instance name hosted on the "sqlsrv1" server. If you did not specify the instance name when you installed MSDE, use only the server name.


Specifies the name of the database, usually called Ultrasound.


Specifies the name of the user or group account that needs access to the database in the form "domain\username."

[add | remove]

Specifies whether to add or remove the account name from the list of accounts that can access the database. If you do not specify this parameter, add is assumed.

[ro | rw]

Specifies whether to give the account read-only (ro) or read-write (rw) access to the database. If you do not specify this parameter, ro is assumed.