Editing Filters and Notifications

The current active filter and column set is selected from a drop-down box above the grid tool.

The filters shown above are default filters that are created in any new query, but you can define your own filters in the Options menu.

The rules for filtering rows (using a syntax similar to the "Where" command in SQL) are as follows:


Note that filters can also be defined as notifications; if enabled, at the end of each refresh cycle, Sonar executes each query marked as a notification. An email message is sent listing all filters that result in a nonempty row set.

The Min Notify Interval shows the minimum time between Sonar sending notifications by email. An example of a Sonar notification is:

From: SONAR [mailto:SONAR]
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 7:28 PM
Subject: SONAR FRS Notification [8/28/2002 7:28:25 PM]: Replica Set 'FRSDog|Pub1|Top' in domain test.reskit.com
Message from SONAR status viewer for Windows File Replication Service
- Issued by X:\frs\sonar\Sonar.exe on FOO.test.reskit.COM
- User: test\frsmon
- Query: 
- Domain: test.reskit.com
- Replica set: 'FRSDog|Pub1|Top'
The following filters have been triggered as part of a data refresh:
Filter: Currently involved in join
Servers: frsdogb
For more details, use the SONAR tool to investigate the status.