The File Replication Service cannot enable replication on the computer %1until a backup/restore application completes. A backup/restore application has set a registry key that prevents the File Replication Service from starting until the registry key is deleted or the system is rebooted. The backup/restore application may still be running. Check with your local administrator before proceeding further. The computer can be rebooted by clicking Start, Shutdown, and selecting Restart. WARNING - DELETING THE REGISTRY KEY IS NOT RECOMMENDED! Applications may fail in unexpected ways. The registry key can be deleted by running regedt32.Click Start, Run, and type regedt32. Click the window entitled HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Double click on SYSTEM, CurrentControlSet, Services, NtFrs, Parameters, Backup/Restore, "Stop NtFrs from Starting". On the toolbar, click on Edit and select Delete. Be careful! Deleting a key other than "Stop NtFrs From Starting" can have unexpected side effects