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The word "Thinstalled" has quickly evolved on the internet as a verb and adjective for describing software packaged with Thinstall.
"Thinstalled" means to use the Thinstall Virtualization engine to convert standard Windows Applications into self contained executable files.
We are happy to see Thinstall becoming widely discussed and used and have proposed some guidelines for further use of the Thinstall trademark.

Rules for Proper Usage

Things to do:
·    If you are using a Thinstall trademark, distinguish the trademark from the surrounding text in some way. Capitalize the first letter, capitalize or italicize the entire mark, place the mark in quotes, use a different type style or font for the mark than for the generic name.
·    If you do not capitalize the entire mark, always spell and capitalize the trademark exactly as they are shown in the Thinstall Trademarks and Suggested Accepted Generic Terms below.
·    When using Thinstall as a verb or adjective, only apply this to software which has actually been packaged with our Thinstall products and never to generic virtualized/portable applications. For example "I Thinstalled my application so that it would run without Admin rights or installation"
·   Use only Thinstall-approved artwork when using Thinstall's logos.
·    If you are using a Thinstall logo on a web page, there must exist a minimum spacing of 25 pixels between each side of the logo and other graphic or textual elements on your web page.

Things You Can't Do
·    Don't remove, distort or alter any element of Thinstall's logos or product names.
·    Don't display the Thinstall in any manner that implies a relationship or affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by Thinstall, or that can be reasonably interpreted to suggest editorial content has been authored by, or represents the views or opinions of Thinstall or Thinstall personnel.
·    Don't display the Thinstall mark on any web site that contains or displays spyware, adult content, promotes gambling, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under twenty-one years of age, or otherwise violates applicable law. For example, Thinstall has no relationship with "A Better Internet" but they have used the word "Thinstaller" to describe their spyware client. This use of our trademark is unacceptable and damaging to our brand as it may cause users to mistake Thinstall for a spyware company.
·    Don't display the Thinstall mark in a manner that is in Thinstall's sole opinion misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene or otherwise objectionable to Thinstall.
·    Don't incorporate the Thinstall mark into your own product name, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names without written approval.
·    Don't adopt marks, logos, slogans, or designs that are confusingly similar to our mark.
·    Don't register Thinstall trademarks as second-level domain names.
·    Don't use Thinstall trademarks in a way that suggests a common, descriptive, or generic meaning.
·    Trademark rights vary from country to country. Some countries have severe criminal and civil penalties for improper use of the registration symbol. Therefore, don't use the registration symbol (®) in countries where the mark has not been registered.