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Snapshot.exe can be used for:

- Saving the state of a PC's filesystem and registry
      snapshot C:\data.snapshot
      snapshot C:\data.snapshot C:\ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
- Comparing two previously recorded states
      snapshot C:\start.snapshot -diffprint C:\end.snapshot

- Printing contents of a saved state
      snapshot C:\start.snapshot -print

- Generating a Thinstall project by comparing two previously saved states
      snapshot C:\start.snapshot -SuggestProject C:\end.snapshot C:\project.ini
      snapshot C:\project.ini -GenerateProject

snapshot.exe SnapshotFileName.snapshot [-Config ConfigFile.ini][BaseDir1][BaseDir2][BaseReg1]
snapshot.exe Snap1.snapshot Snap2.snapshot OutDir [-Config ConfigFile.ini]
snapshot.exe Snap1.snapshot -SuggestProject Snap2.snapshot OutputTemplate.ini
snapshot.exe Template.ini -GenerateProject OutDir [-Config ConfigFile.ini]
snapshot.exe SnapshotFileName.snapshot -Print

Example .bat file to generate a Thinstall project using a start and ending snapshot

snapshot c:\start.snapshot
echo Please install application and press ENTER when installation is complete
snapshot C:\end.snapshot
snapshot C:\start.snapshot -SuggestProject c:\end.snapshot c:\SuggestedProject.ini

rem at this point a GUI app can look at SuggestedProject and ask the user what EXEs they want to be accessible from package.ini)
snapshot C:\SuggestedProject.ini -GenerateProject c:\ProjectLocation
del C:\start.snapshot
del C:\end.snapshot
del C:\SuggestedProject.ini