Reducing size
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Weither you download our pre-captured .NET Framework projects or you capture the .NET install yourself, the size of packages is often important. Here are a few tips for reducing your package size:

1. Turn on compression
The easiest way to generate smaller packages is to enable compression in your package.ini file. To do this, replace "Compression=None" with "Compression=Fast" in your package.ini file.

2. Delete any .msi files left behind by the installer
Many application leave behind their original installer in .msi format so that they can reinstall if they become corrupted, or if any features of the application were installed using "install on demand". You can safely delete the .msi files captured during the install of the .NET Framework.

3. Delete Native Images
.NET uses a process called Just in time compilation to convert IL byte code into native processor code at runtime. During installation, Native Image files will be generated to the hard drive. These files can increase your package size by 2 or 3 times, by deleting them, your pacakges can be much smaller. In .NET 1.1, this process was very fast and it could occur at startup time very quickly. In .NET 2.0 and higher, the native image compilation is significantly slower. There is a speed hit for startup time if you decide to delete native images because these images will be generated in memory rather than be pre-exiting in your Thinstalll package.

You can delete native images by deleting the directories: