Office 2007
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There is a potential conflict when you run a Thinstalled Office 2007 on a system which has a full native installation of Office 2003. In this configuration, the Thinstalled Office 2007 applications will detect that the "Handwriting" feature of Office 2003 was installed but, because of isolation, the applications won't see some of the files/registry values belonging to that feature. This will cause an automatic repair to be started, which shows up as a Windows Installer popup during each launch of a Thinstalled Office 2007 application. To prevent the repair, the files of the Office 2003 Handwriting feature need to be made visible to the Thinstalled Office 2007 apps. This can be done by changing the isolation mode on a couple of directories:

%ProgramFilesDir%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\INK
%ProgramFilesDir%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Office11
%ProgramFilesDir%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Office11\1033
%ProgramFilesDir%\Microsoft Office

(Depending on the language version of your installation, you might have a different directory instead of %ProgramFilesDir%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Office11\1033.)
After a fresh capture, these directories will contain a ##Attributes.ini file with "DirectoryIsolationMode=Full". Change this to "DirectoryIsolationMode=WriteCopy".
The isolation mode of a couple of registry files needs to be adjusted too. Edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.txt and search for these keys:


Change the "isolationmode_full" at the beginning of the lines to "isolationmode_writecopy".

The Outlook Tips and Tricks also apply to Outlook 2007.