What trouble are you having?

The installation does not complete successfully.

Cause:  Insufficient disk space or permissions.

Solution:  Ensure the following:

When installing on Windows 2000, Windows Installer stops responding, and the progress bar stops updating for several minutes.

Cause:  Known problem with Windows Installer running on Windows 2000.

Solution:  Install the latest service service pack for Windows 2000.

A newly installed component does not appear in Services for UNIX Administration.

Cause:  The component was installed while Services for UNIX Administration was open.

Solution:  Close and then reopen Services for UNIX Administration.

After upgrading to a newer version of Windows, Windows versions of Telnet client or other utilities run instead of Windows Services for UNIX Telnet Client or utilities.

Cause:  Windows Setup placed Windows system directories at the beginning of the PATH environment variable.

Solution:  Add the Windows Services for UNIX installation directory to the beginning of the PATH environment variable. To do this, right-click My Computer, click Properties, click Advanced, and then click Environment Variables. In the System variables list, click Path, and then click Edit. In the Variable Value box, place the insertion point at the beginning and type %SFUDIR%\common;.

Telnet Client and Server are not restored after Windows Services for UNIX is uninstalled from a Windows 2000 computer.

Cause:  Setup attempted to restore the original Windows 2000 Telnet files, but failed.

Solution:  Restore the Telnet files from the Windows 2000 CD. For example, here are the commands you would use to restore the required files if C:\WINNT is the system folder and D is the source CD:

C:\>copy D:\I386\telnet.exe C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32
C:\>expand -r D:\I386\tlntsvr.ex_ C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32
C:\>expand -r D:\I386\tlntsvrp.dl_ C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32
C:\>expand -r D:\I386\tlntsess.ex_ C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32

Blank lines appear in Services for UNIX Administration list boxes.

Cause:  Interactions between Services for UNIX Administration and Internet Explorer sometimes result in blank lines.

Solution:  Close and reopen Services for UNIX Administration, and then maximize it.

An error message appears when you attempt to view Help in Services for UNIX Administration on Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server; index and search tabs in Help do not work.

Cause:  This problem is caused by a known incompatibility between Services for UNIX Administration and Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server.

Solution:  Start Help from the Windows Services for UNIX program group.

When administering a remote computer, services fail to respond even though the command says it completed successfully.

Cause:  Administration utilities sometimes fail to detect the state of the service on the remote computer.

Solution:  Use Telnet Client to connect to the remote computer and run the command directly on the computer.