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Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 3.0 makes it easy to integrate Windows operating systems into existing UNIX environments. It provides interoperability components that leverage existing UNIX network resources and expertise within your organization. It also provides manageability components that simplify network administration and account management across both platforms. It also includes Interix, a complete, high-performance UNIX environment that provides two command shells (C and Korn), over 350 commands and utilities (such as the vi editor and Perl), and a complete set of development tools and libraries for porting your UNIX-based applications to the Interix subsystem.

Windows Services for UNIX 3.0 combines and enhances the powerful interoperability features of Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 with an enhanced version of the complete UNIX environment previously available as Microsoft Interix version 2.2. A single, integrated setup makes it easy to choose the features you want to install.

With Windows Services for UNIX 3.0, you can:

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