Sending periodic map updates to subordinate (slave) NIS servers

In Network Information Service (NIS), a master NIS server sends periodic map updates to subordinate NIS servers to ensure that both the master and subordinate servers have the same view of the maps. This process uses yppush. Server for NIS also sends periodic map updates to subordinate NIS servers. You can set the frequency of map updates through Server for NFS Administration.

Server for NIS uses yppush to send map updates only to subordinate NIS servers running on UNIX.

Because Server for NIS uses Active Directory to store data, both master and subordinate servers share the same replicated Active Directory database. Changes to maps for a given domain are propagated to other Servers for NIS running in subordinate mode by Active Directory's synchronization mechanism. Thus, Windows 2000–based subordinate NIS servers receive updates from the master NIS server with every change. The update frequency is the property of the Server for NIS and is fixed for all domains that server supports.

For information about how to change the frequency of map updates, see To change frequency of map updates to UNIX subordinate (slave) servers.

For information about using yppush, see yppush.