To propagate selected maps now

Using the Windows interface

  1. Open Services for UNIX Administration.
  2. If necessary, connect to the computer you want to manage.
  3. In the console tree, expand Server for NIS and view the list of NIS domains.
  4. Select the domain of interest.
  5. In the details pane, click the Maps tab.
  6. In the NIS maps in this domain list, click the maps to propagate, and then click Propagate. To select more than one map, press and hold the CTRL key while clicking the maps.


Using a command line

Argument Description
ActiveDirectoryNISDomain Network Information Service (NIS) domain name in Active Directory.
-q Quiet mode. Do not wait for response from subordinate (slave) servers and do not report errors.
Timeout The number of seconds to wait for a response from the subordinate server before sending the next request. Must be greater than zero.
Hosts The hosts to notify of changes. Otherwise, all subordinate servers in the domain. Can be used multiple times for more computers.
MapName The name of the NIS map to be transferred.


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