To set default permissions

Using the Windows interface

  1. Open Services for UNIX Administration.
  2. If necessary, connect to the computer you want to manage.
  3. Click Gateway for NFS.
  4. Select the permissions you want Gateway for NFS to apply to new files when they are created, and then click Apply.


Using a command line

Argument Description
ComputerName The name of the computer on which you want to set default permissions for Gateway for NFS, if other than the local computer.
mode Specifies the default permission mode for files created on network file system (NFS) servers. The mode argument consists of a three digits from 0 to 7 (inclusive) representing the default permissions granted the user, group, and others (respectively). The digits translate to UNIX-style permissions as follows: 0=none, 1=x, 2=w, 3=wx, 4=r, 5=rx, 6=rw, and 7=rwx. For example, fileaccess=750 gives rwx permission to the owner, rx permission to the group, and no access permission to others.

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